Ecclesiological Etchings: 02-26-18


Prayer for the Week:
An invitation was given by Jesus:
  Come, all who are thirsty.
In him, we shall taste the living waters.

O Fount of Every Blessing, we cup our hands and draw cool and life-sustaining water to our lips. In the same fashion, we reach into the reservoir of your gifts and draw forth all that will sustain us. Too often we postpone or fail to take advantage of these opportunities to be refreshed in your presence. Our spirits become parched and weak, yet we push ahead as if we can survive without you. Our prayers are often mechanical and empty of meaning. They do not express our true needs, nor do they express a willingness to let you be involved. Forgive us, O God of Mercy, when we do not respond with gratitude toward your invitation to come and drink. You are generous and we are thirsty, yet our human nature can have us arrogantly believing that satisfying our spiritual craving is within our own capacity. Extend your invitation to us once again through your gracious Spirit. Draw us to the well where we can drink from your abundance. This we pray in the name of the one who spoke of rivers of living water pouring out from him. Amen.



12:15pm & 6:45pm

In The Chapel

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