January 14, 2020

Scripture: Proverbs 21:5

The plans of the diligent end up in profit, but those who hurry end up with loss.

Thought for the Day: I have never been able to find the owner of this quote, but it’s too good to ignore. “Intentional living means making choices for your life based on your greatest values, not the habits of others.” It’s tough to be influenced by what you believe and not what your neighbor is promoting real loudly. Of course, truly knowing what you value is rather essential, and I am going to suggest that a lot of people in the world today would struggle to articulate their highest values. Too often, people are tossed around by the cutest meme, ugliest political statement or best worded advertisement that plays on their insecurities. The Proverb above is so often interpreted in regard to money, but the word translated as Profit really means Plentiful. It could refer to everything from time to faith to joy to crops. It is the “diligent,” or some might say, intentional, who see their valued attitudes, dreams and priorities coming to fruition. Take the time to really reflect on what you believe to be the most important values in your life, and then do the more difficult and intentional work as you look at how you spend your resources (money, time, talents) in embodying those values.

Prayer: At the end of the day, I want to be able to say that I stand for something that has made a difference in the world. Teach me the ways of Jesus, O Merciful God, whose life presents the values of love, compassion and service. Amen.


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