April 5, 2020

: 1 Samuel 25:25-26
Please, my master, pay no attention to this despicable man Nabal. He’s exactly what his name says he is! His name means fool, and he is foolish! But I myself, your servant, didn’t see the young men that you, my master, sent. I pledge, my master, as surely as the LORD lives and as you live, that the LORD has held you back from bloodshed and taking vengeance into your own hands! But now let your enemies and those who seek to harm my master be exactly like Nabal!

Thought for the Day: A lesser known character in scripture is a woman named Abigail. She is married to a jerk (scripture uses words like hardheaded, fool and evil to describe him) named Nabal which actually means fool. That should probably be our first clue. Let’s just say he has ticked off King David, and Nabal is about ready to receive a major beatdown from the King. Abigail meets David and his army along the road, to catch him before he gets to Nabal. She is described as intelligent and full of good judgment. It’s as if Abigail is everything that Nabal is not. Not only does she stand between David and Nabal, but David’s plan was to kill all of Nabal’s men…who were in fact innocent. How often is someone needing to fix the errors of the arrogant and extraordinarily brainless? How often is the foolishness of one dangerous to the many? We need the Abigails of this world who are willing to leap in front of the fast moving train (that was David and his army) to explain and calm the situation, doing so to save the lives of the blameless. Let us pray that God sends plenty of Abigails our way.

Prayer: For the gracious hearts of those who do good work, O Lord, I give you thanks! I express this gratitude for those who are often cleaning up the messes of individuals whose egos were a little bit too big. Amen.


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