April 6, 2020

Prayer for Holy Week
It is different from any ordinary week!
It does not resemble any previous Holy Week!
A journey in confinement;
following Jesus in a time of quarantine;
waiting in a time of waiting.

O Holy Spirit, O Jesus who beckons us to walk this difficult road, awaken us to faithfulness in the moment. So many who shared in that first Palm Parade convinced themselves that nothing would stand in their way. Strong voices — Passionate cries — Steadfast declarations! But as the dust cleared, and the path was revealed, so many disappeared – so many felt the discomfort and chose a self-imposed quarantine from the calling of Christ.

Fidelity and devotion in a time such as this shouldn’t be any different than any other day, but it is. Allow for this Holy Week to form us as those whose convictions and commitment can never be isolated or distanced. Call us once again to witness and experience your love, O God, enfleshed in Jesus —
Jesus in the Upper Room,
the Garden,
the Cross
and the Tomb.

Let your church be made ready for Easter – Reborn, Empowered and Teeming with love.

Let your church dispersed, but not disbanded, embrace the news that death could not restrain love.

Let your church embrace the news that a virus cannot and will not suppress resurrection.

This is our dedicated petition as we begin Holy Week.

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